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After Rain Comes Sun Cover

'After Rain Comes Sun' is the first Sable 097 song to feature keyboard player/vocalist Ian Jenkins, who joined in November 2020.

Written by Malcolm Journeaux and Ian Jenkins, the song is a blues/jazz influenced number.

Music producer Duncan Rigby reviewed the song and had this to say: "On first hearing, this song triggered deep wide emotions; for me this is one of those songs which is on top of the game, all the parts make the whole."

10 May 2021

Listen to: After Rain Comes Sun


SJ Johnson
SJ Johnson

Sable 097 was formed in June 2019 by guitarist/songwriter Malcolm Journeaux and singer/songwriter Sarah-Jane (aka SJ) Johnson.

  • SJ Johnson - Vocals
  • Malcolm Journeaux - Guitar
  • Pete Smith - Drums/Percussion
  • Ian Jenkins - Keyboard & Vocals

Guest musicians are also invited to contribute to recordings.

Why Sable 097?

In the 1980s, before mobile phones, there were car phones. Each owner had a call sign; Malcolm Journeaux's was 'Sable Zero-Nine-Seven'.