Malcolm Journeaux

Malcolm Journeaux

A guitarist, bass player, and songwriter, Malcolm only picked up a guitar because he saw one in a second hand shop window whilst out riding his motorbike one Sunday afernoon in 1989, and bought it on a whim!

He joined a band called 'Forgiven' in 1992.

This was followed in 2002 by co-founding his own band, 'Crimson Scarlet'.

Crimson Scarlet recorded four CDs, with Malcolm writing the songs for three and playing guitar and/or bass on all four, and played many gigs before disbanding in 2008.

He joined with former Crimson Scarlet vocalist Lisa Jules in the summer of 2008 to perform acoustic versions of his songs, plus covers, at local gigs until 2010.

A very long break from writing and playing, following the births of his two youngest sons, ended in summer 2019 when Malcolm and SJ Johnson got back in touch to form Sable 097.