Sable 097 release 'Inspired' new song

Inspired Cover

Sable 097 have released their latest song, titled 'Inspired'. Written by song-writing partnership Malcolm Journeaux and Sarah-Jane (aka SJ) Johnson, it features two guest musicians, Tom Szakaly (keyboard) and Alison Diamond (saxophone), along with the regular members of Sable 097.

Keyboard genius Tom has been the driving force behind Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) tribute band 'Noddy's Puncture' for over three decades.

Alison has gigged and recorded extensively in the UK and abroad, working in Europe, Scandinavia and the West Indies, playing with original pop bands and on the jazz, blues, soul and folk circuit in every type of venue, from huge festival stages to small clubs.

Music critic Duncan Rigby, of World of Solfeggio Sound Studio, reviewed the song and had this to say: "The verse lyrics set the narrative and the chorus is the very addictive melodic hook.

"The arrangement of 'all time classic' simple signature tones coupled with the experienced playing has a soothing gentleness on the ears.

"The production bringing together the words, the music and the tones creates openness and a fresh sounding genre fluid track. The genre fluidity I refer to is because you may be mistaken in thinking you hear essences of Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oats, Pat Benatar and an epic hint of the haunting Careless Whisper from Wham.

"I think that the inspired trick of this track is that there is a magical confluence of experienced musicians."

27 July 2020

Sable 097 complete recording of songs under lock down

Paradise Girl Cover

Sable 097' have completed a number songs under lock down with each member recording their parts at home before the tracks were mixed and mastered by Rework Studios to create the final songs.

Sable 097 (zero-nine-seven) vocalist is Sarah-Jane (aka SJ) Johnson who lives in Rochdale, guitarist is Malcolm Journeaux who also lives in Rochdale, bass guitarist is Stuart Thomas who lives in Bury, and drums/percussion is Pete Smith who lives in Middleton.

SJ, who recently signed with independent label Open House Records, and is more usually found singing on House records, said: "Me and Malcolm started recording together before the current lock down but Stuart and Pete joined us after lock down and so their tracks, and some of my vocal tracks, have had to be recorded without us actually playing together. In fact, whilst me, Malcolm and Pete used to be in a band together 15 years ago, I have not seen Pete in over a decade and none of us have even met Stuart in person yet!"

Unable to practice together, the four members have been meeting virtually using Zoom to discuss and develop their songs.

SJ added: "It would be good when it is safe to do so to practice together but that is unlikely to be for some time yet."

19 June 2020