SJ Johnson

SJ Johnson

SJ began her singing career in 2005 as vocalist in Crimson Scarlet. As well as performing many gigs, SJ was vocalist on one of Crimson Scarlet's four CDs, and had her first experience of songwriting collaborating with Malcolm Journeaux.

In 2007, SJ began working at the Back Door Music Project in Rochdale where she met DJ Absolute - and so began a new musical direction as a session vocalist.

Having secured a publishing contract (as Sarah-Jane Neild) with 23rd Precinct Music/Notting Hill Music, and featured on a number of Notting Hill music releases, SJ met record producer Si Paul (aka Lost Witness) and he produced her first solo song, 'Chasing Rainbows', which was snapped up by the biggest dance label in Europe, Armada Music, and achieved chart success.

She has co-written for other singers, worked with some of the best production teams from around the world and has had a number of radio plays, including BBC Radio 1.

In summer 2019, SJ also returned to her musical roots, joining with Malcolm Journeaux to form 'Sable 097'.