Stuart Thomas

Stuart Thomas

Stuart Thomas is a bass playing singer songwriter who cut his teeth playing bass guitar in the Rochdale funk rock band Pheromone Love between 2007 and 2010.

After a three year period of successful live shows in the Manchester area Pheromone Love entered into what became a permanent hiatus.

Whilst studying popular music at Hopwood Hall College under legendary tutor John Alker, Stuart met fellow musician and producer Jonny May and worked on long distance projects for the next decade, most recently the lo-fi pop punk duo 'Irwin'.

Between 2010 and 2013 Stuart played open mics, with former Pheromone Love guitarist Jamie Alletson, and at folk clubs in the Rochdale area.

Joining the Royal Navy Submarine Service in 2013 lead to a seven year absence from substantial musical creativity.

Having left the Submarine Service in March 2020, Stuart succumbed to Jonny May's encouragement to record his solo music.

His song writing can be found at:

In May 2020, Stuart was invited to pick up his bass to join song writing and recording collective Sable 097.